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CNA classes online provide a great way for you to start a new career. Online cna classes make it possible to fulfill your required training without neglecting other responsibilities in your daily life.

The best part is that some cna training online can completed in as little as one month!

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant with CNA Classes Online

Earning your certification through CNA training online can be the first step in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Earning this certification will allow you to be listed on your respective state’s registry for CNAs. Being listed in a registry is imperative, and can effect your eligibility for employment in most states.

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Get Certified with CNA Classes Online

Taking CNA classes is a great way for students to prepare for earning their CNA certification in their respective state. By teaching them everything that they need to know on the multiple choice part of the test, the coursework is specifically geared toward getting you ready for the NNAAP certification exam administered in most states in the U.S. Below are some topics that you will need to cover:

  • Principles of patients care
  • Correct laboratory procedures
  • All necessary records kept
  • anatomy, physiology and other courses of study
  • Skills in communication 
  • Knowledge of medical terms
  • Knowledge of the roles  of all health care positions

Remember there is also hands-on training that has to be taken when becoming a certified nurse assistant. This section of the exam shows students how to properly do some of the duties of a CNA. This part of the program provides practice in a clinical setting to prepare you for the actual work you are going to do on the job.

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Who Offers the Best Online CNA Classes?

CNA Classes Online
The great thing about CNA classes online is that they are offered everywhere! Grand Canyon University, Stratford Career Institute and the Chamberlain College of Nursing are just a handful of the popular schools that now provide online training programs that can be tailored to you and your needs.

CNA Programs Online – Accreditation

Accreditation is imperative for earning your CNA certification online as well. Any program you choose must be approved and a member of a regulating body like the NLNAC. Recognition from this organization will ensure your program is accredited and carries the highest value for your future employment.

CNA Certification Online Requirements

Make sure you have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) when taking CNA classes online and be sure to contact your prospective school and ask questions so that you are prepared to start. Lastly, be prepared to have to take a small math and writing test at the beginning of your CNA training for placement. All coursework is to prepare you for your actual CNA job description.

CNA Salary


CNA Salary Data
Salary Per Year 24,400
Pay Per Hour $11.73
Entry-Level Education CLICK HERE
Work Experience in a Related Occupation None
On-the-job Training CLICK HERE
Number of Jobs, 2012 1,534,400
Job Outlook, 2012-22 21%
Employment Change, 2012-22 321,200

With the latest data from showing tremendous growth over the next decade, CNA salary and jobs are booming! It is a prime time opportunity to become a CNA!

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