5 Steps to CNA Certification

CNA CertificationEarning your CNA certification is the final step before starting your nursing assistant career. We have gathered a 5 step process for CNA certification success. Below, we cover what it takes to get your CNA certification.

According to the latest data from bls.gov, CNA’s are one of the fastest growing careers in healthcare. The time could not be better to get certified and start working!!

The 5 CNA Certification Steps

Step One

First is the hardest part. Deciding to actually enroll. Classes for CNA training are online and available all over the country. There are wonderful options for CNA classes online for you to choose from. Just be sure to check with the website of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or the National Council of State Boards of Nursing before enrollment to ensure your future success.

Step Two

Pass your classes. That is key, all CNA training classes need your focus, so take them seriously and pass with good grades. All accredited CNA classes have a classroom and clinical portion. This will prepare you for being able to perform the necessary duties.

Step Three

Depending on what state you live in, there will be a mandatory number of hours to complete to be eligible for your CNA certification. Some states have larger requirements so use this time to really get the main duties down so you can hit the ground running once it is your time to shine!

Step Four

This is when you prep for the CNA certification exam. Getting your certification is crucial to your career development and success. You will need to sign up for the test, you will need to show proof of passing your CNA training and also make your appointment to sit down and actually take the exam. It is very important to remember that CNA certification exams are usually offered sparingly so double check all your info and plan accordingly. Studying, studying and more studying! But that is not all of it. Practice taking vital signs, test yourself. Once you get these down the rest will come together.

Step Five

Next you need to sit, take and pass the CNA certification examination. It has two sections, written and a skills test. Pass them both and be on your way!!!

Once you have successfully passed the CNA certification test, your name will then listed in the state’s Nurse’s Aide Registry. This is a key step in getting hired and starting your career as a CNA.

Now CNA Certification is Within Your Reach

Make sure to contact your state registry to see what requirements are to keep your certification valid year after year. In short time you will become a CNA and be prepared for the CNA job description. See our CNA salary breakdown for more financial information.

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