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cna salaryIt is quite obvious that you are considering a career as a certified nursing assistant and probably want some idea on the typical CNA salary actually is. It is also probably true that you have already performed an internet search for this information and this is why you landed on this page. If this is the case, then you are in luck but note you may find out a bit more than just a straight up answer on the nursing assistant pay.
On this page we will give you a few facts you may not have known about when it comes to CNA salary. These facts can help you better understand the job market and ways to possibly maximize your pay as a nursing assistant. Plus, you will gain some insight on which states offer the best CNA salaries.

What is the Median CNA Salary?

The latest information from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics places the median CNA salary at $24,420 a year or $11.73 an hour. Accordingly the top 10% of wage CNA wage earners were making more than $35,330 a year. The lowest 10% were making roughly $18,000 annually.
These numbers represent the national median CNA salary which can be different than what can be made in your area. Below is a chart with the median salary for nursing assistants for each state to give you a better idea of what your paycheck could look like. This information was gathered from ONetOnline.

State Median Annual Salary Median Hourly Salary
Alabama $21,200 $10.18
Alaska $35,100 $16.89
Arizona $27,400 $13.19
Arkansas $21,000 $10.11
California $28,200 $13.56
Colorado $27,600 $13.25
Connecticut $31,000 $14.92
Delaware $27,600 $13.25
District of Columbia $28,500 $13.71
Florida $23,200 $11.13
Georgia $21,300 $10.23
Hawaii $29,800 $14.33
Idaho $22,200 $10.69
Illinois $23,800 $11.46
Indiana $22,700 $10.92
Iowa $23,800 $11.45
Kansas $22,500 $10.84
Kentucky $22,800 $10.96
Lousiana $19,900 $9.57
Maine $23,800 $11.45
Maryland $27,600 $13.28
Massachusetts $29,100 $13.98
Michigan $26,400 $12.68
Minnesota $26,800 $12.90
Mississippi $20,300 $9.74
Missouri $22,200 $10.65
Montana $23,900 $11.51
Nebraska $23,800 $11.46
Nevada $30,800 $14.83
New Hampshire $28,000 $13.48
New Jersey $27,400 $13.18
New Mexico $24,500 $11.80
New York $32,700 $15.72
North Carolina $22,300 $10.74
North Dakota $27,700 $13.31
Ohio $23,700 $11.41
Oklahoma $21,500 $10.33
Oregon $27,100 $13.03
Pennsylvania $27,300 $13.14
Rhode Island $28,800 $13.47
South Carolina $21,700 $10.41
South Dakota $22,700 $10.90
Tennessee $22,500 $10.83
Texas $23,000 $11.05
Utah $22,600 $10.86
Vermont $26,600 $12.77
Virginia $23,400 $11.24
Washington $27,900 $13.43
West Virginia $21,800 $10.48
Wisconsin $25,800 $12.39
Wyoming $27,300 $13.13

Nursing Assistant Wages are Solid!

While some people make look at the median CNA salary of $11.73 an hour and shake their heads in disbelief, they are not looking at the big picture. Unlike most other healthcare professions, those working as a CNA have the least amount of education required for work. Most people can start working as a CNA after just six to eight weeks.
This places the CNA salary among the best paying jobs in the country that do not require at least an associate’s degree. In fact, this salary range is near the median salary for all occupations in the U.S. which includes degree holding jobs.

Aiming for the Max Nursing Assistant Pay

There are a few simple ways that can help you earn a higher CNA salary. Let’s look at a few of the top ways to make more cash.
Probably the top contributor to a higher pay check is your personal experience at the job. Not only should you receive yearly raises but there are chances for promotions. Typically promotions mean more money so work hard and get noticed.
Type of Employer
In a perfect world every employer would pay the same amount but that isn’t reality. Your salary can be effected by the type of place you work. For example, nursing assistants working in hospitals generally make more than those working in nursing homes. Not to mention, that in hospitals you have a better chance at overtime than you do in a lot of other healthcare facilities. Overtime is money in the bank!
Become Certified
There are other ways to improve your CNA salary to move up in to that top 10% level of pay. Probably the best way to improve your salary structure is by training to work in a specialized area or niche. By gaining certification in an area of work that is outside the typical CNA job description, you can make yourself in to a much sought after position thus making more money from your expertise.
Some of the more common CNA certifications include:
Basic Life Support (BLS)
CNA-A (Certified Nursing Assistant – Advanced)
Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Certified Medical Technician (CMT)
ASCP Certified Phlebotomy Technician (PBT)

CNA Jobs Are Entry-Level Positions

As you can probably guess by the low-educational entry level, the CNA position is considered a starting point in the healthcare industry. Most of those who start out as a nursing assistant do so to gain some experience to improve their long-term career goals such as becoming a registered nurse. By working and gaining experience as a CNA, you may have an advantage when it comes to applying for competitive spots in nursing school.

Now you know a little more about the CNA salary and how to possibly make more money at this job. Knowing this information before applying for one of the online CNA programs can give you an incredible advantage over those who did not do the research. Use it to your advantage and make more money while working at this rewarding job. For questions on CNA training see our menu below.

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